ANAKA BEAUTY CLASS: Banish the bad (short) hair day once and for all.

ANAKA BEAUTY CLASS: Banish the bad (short) hair day once and for all.

We’ve all been there before. You step out of the salon glowing with confidence from your new restyle – it’s short it’s sharp and styled perfectly by your salon professional, you’re ready to take on the world and no-one can stop you.


Except the shower. Your hair gets wet, your natural texture takes hold and suddenly that courageous decision to commit to the crop seems like one you’re going to regret for the next three months, at least.


At Anaka, not only do we ensure your cut and style is considerate of your hair type and lifestyle, but we educate each client on home maintenance and self-styling techniques for a professional finish every day.


We cornered Anaka Senior Stylist, Portia for a run down on how clients can avoid the bad short hair day.


Where do the majority of short hair clients go wrong when styling hair at home?


High expectations! Styling according to your hair type is vital. For example if you have thick, wavy curly hair, work with it – not against it! While taming the frizz will provide polish, working with what you have can be very rewarding. Cowlicks and side parts are an emphasis at the moment, a great way to enhance sharp cheekbones.


What are some simple steps you can offer clients who want to achieve salon-hair at home?


Achieving salon hair at home can be easy if you are willing to commit.


Blow waving/smoothing the front out (if necessary) is a quick and easy way to appear a little more done than usual. But first, look at where you want to improve your hair. For those beautiful big hair clients it’s about products rich in moisture and smoothing properties; drying hair from the top to flatten and smooth.


For clients seeking volume it’s about products that thicken and stiffen the regrowth. For added body-boost try drying your hair upside down!


How important are quality (and correctly sized) brushes and heat-styling tools for short hair clients?


Firstly, when styling with heated tools use the iron at a medium level to help hydrate and maintain style with strength. This will also help with fly aways.


If you’re after the Lara Bingle tousle it can be done in just 10 minutes using the Cloud 9 Curling Wand. This versatile tool is a favourite among professional stylists courtesy of a heat dial that grants the choice of a soft or strong curl.


For short hair the smaller the round-brush the more movement you will get. If you’re after fast results and less movement, using a large round-brush will help smooth and dry quickly.


Products and professional styling tools aside, we’re all privy to a bad hair day, some days they just can’t be avoided – what’s the best thing to do in this case?


When worst comes to worst and you have 5 minutes to be out of the house and your hair is a mess, reach for the gel and slick it all back for an instant wet look – very fashion forward and super sexy! Apply gel at the root area and comb away from your face – it’s that easy.


The humble ‘tuck’ is also a great quick-fix for short hair clients and hugely on trend at the moment. Tucking one or both sides behind your ear(s) gives you a quick but cleaner look. Add a hit of medium-hold hairspray for longevity.


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