The Anaka team believe so strongly in the phrase ‘success favors the well-groomed,’ that a personalized man-space has been created, just for gentlemen. Welcome Anaka Man.

The men’s market has been on constant incline for close to a decade, with the associated products, profiles, services and dedicated salon/barber spaces following in hot pursuit. Men are now well and truly comfortable in the salon and all-too-ready to speak up on what they want from their stylist and grooming regime.

Considering this and the fact that Anaka is almost as well renowned for men’s services as they are beautiful blondes (many an Anaka accolade is dedicated to men’s styling specifically), it made perfect sense to extend the brand into a masculine space where guys can sit back, relax, grab a cold beer and catch up on last night’s game.

“At Anaka, we take the business of men seriously and have always looked to provide personalized services and retail choices for men,” said owner/founder of Anaka, Anna Ntalianis.

“Anaka Man represents the ultimate escape for men of all ages and agendas. A laid-back, no-fuss space for guys where they can feel 100 per cent comfortable in themselves and their style.”

“We’re here to build confidence, and with Anaka Man are achieving this specifically for men,” said Anna.

So guys, what are you waiting on for? Your Anaka Man experience awaits.

To make an appointment at Anaka Man contact (03) 9509 9151


Image source: Pinterest

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